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Would you consider becoming a part of our vision of building a multifunctional hall?

Operational obstacles are often faced when the need presents itself for a hall in the form of programme collisions, weather, communication, training challenges, expansion, and sustainability of TCM programs.

The TCM Multifunctional Hall will be used in the following ways: 

School Hall

Both the primary school, The Lighthouse Academy with 500 children and Lamb’s Haven Kindergarten with 60 children are in desperate need for an assembly hall.  Schools often have functions such as science fairs, cultural activities, concerts, drama and creative arts festivals, several parent meetings and other events that is not always possible to host as the organization does not yet have a hall. The children will also assemble in the hall in the mornings and safety drills will commence from the sport. The hall will also be used to cooperate with other rural schools in training of several needed areas e.g., curricular, extra mural, social etc.

Training Hall

TCM has been involved in skills training of vulnerable community members in farming, business development and entrepreneurship as the neighbouring villages have an unemployment rate of 94%. Training and mentoring of identified vulnerable community members are essential in entrepreneurial skills thus opening opportunities for self-sustainability and socio-economic development. 

Training of TCM Staff members and courses for children such as First Aid is much needed.  A venue has always been a challenge as training is limited to the availability of classrooms.

We also plan to start a TCM Bible school which we are very excited about.  The Bible school will be held in the Multifunctional Hall.

Basadi Skills Development Hall

Basadi is a Woman’s Skills Programme that was established in 2010 within TCM.  The programme exists to train vulnerable woman in sewing and artisan skills to sustain themselves.  The programme has been running successfully since 2010 and proved to be beneficial to community members as a sustainable income such as food security, possibility for house hygiene, reducing health issues etc.

Due to Covid19 the programme is unfortunately unable to function effectively or expand as they currently inhabit the TCM Early Childhood Development facility, Lamb’s Haven Kindergarten’s practical classrooms.  These classrooms were built specifically keeping in mind that a timetable is followed for practical life and does not have adequate space for an artisan programme.  Many of Basadi’s sewing machines have had to be stored, certain contracts could not be met and movement to work effectively is almost impossible. 

In turn this fact affects the effective functionality and income of the Early Childhood Development programme, resulting in a sustainability challenge for the learning facility as enrolment of children is not possible. 

It would therefore be to the best interest of the community, TCM and both programmes that Basadi vacate moving into a bigger area.

TCM Volunteer Programme

TCM receives volunteers from all over the world.  Volunteers are valuable to our organization bringing knowledge, positive inputs and resources to the institution.  TCM often receives between 4 to 45 volunteers at once.  The volunteers, however, do not have a space to eat their meals, to do work or store their belongings during their stay on the TCM base.

The multifunctional hall will allow us to give them a place to be used for this purpose.

Conference Room

We believe in teamwork. Meetings for strategic planning, training, assessment and sharing ideas are essential to us to effectively work as a team, community members, traditional authorities, and stakeholders. 

Relationships and communication are of the highest importance involving community members to make effective decisions to serve the area effectively.  The essence of a non-profit organisation is involvement of different parties to function effectively.

The multifunctional hall will serve this purpose.