Transforming Lives

About Tshega Christian Mission

Tshega Christian Mission was born on a regular summer’s day in February 2002 in South Africa, Limpopo Province around the Van den Bergh’s kitchen table. Motivated by their conviction to live, a life of love and service found in Christ.

The registration as a NPO was officially announced in 2004 by the Department of Social Development.

Like any other new life, it was celebrated, dreamt about, and speculated on the difference it could make in the lives of people with hopes of transformation through the manifestation of love and personal development in the form of services on the outskirts of Tzaneen in Fobeni Village, Bolebedu South. 

Through the years it grew. There were moments and feelings of happiness, nervousness, sadness, scared, having faith, disappointment, hopefulness and were faced with challenges of all kinds. With the support of family, friends, sponsors, and wonderful team members, Tshega Christian Mission is still standing and Transforming Lives every day. 

We believe in faith, hope and loving people.  We choose to be transformational and encourage one another to make a positive contribution towards people’s lives.